Kurtz Consulting Client Testimonials

Sara Ann MacKinlay
Former Vice President Clinical Therapies
Invacare Corporation

“Working with Kurtz Consulting sharpened our commercial and clinical focus and helped us to execute our vision. Debra Kurtz was a tremendous asset in developing our strategic plan, creating the product portfolio, and driving clinical differentiation. I would highly recommend Kurtz Consulting to organizations seeking rapid growth result-driven execution.”

Lesly MarbanLesly Marban

“Working with Kurtz Consulting changed our focus to clinical excellence and drove a solutions selling process instead of product features and price.  I’m proud of the new customer CE program and learning management system, and excited about the new pathway for success.   I would recommend Kurtz Consulting to organizations seeking differentiation and creating value for their customers.”

Colin Robertson
Colin RobertsonSenior VP, Sales
& Marketing


“We are fortunate to have had Debra of Kurtz Consulting working with us for over three years, during which time she has led our divisional marketing from market entry phase through establishing us as the acknowledged leading brand. Debra provides great energy, focus and commitment to all she does; equally able to contribute to strategy development as ensuring timely implementation. Her sales management background enables her to drive marketing programs in partnership with the sales team, and she generally knows who to call on when specialist vendor or agency skills are required.”
Colin Robertson, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing at Metrasens where KCI has been the outsourced marketing manager for over three years

Cory FoscoCory Fosco

Vice President, Sales

Telemedicine Solutions

“Kurtz Consulting has been a tremendous asset to our growing company. In her consulting practice, Deb has taken on a variety of duties that have increased our company’s visibility and positioning within our specific market space. Deb’s ability to guide and lead our clinical marketing and provide thought leadership for our company while maintaining the highest integrity and standards is a major strength. She has sought out publishing opportunities and has delivered educational session CEUs for our clients and constituents. Deb has her customer’s needs at the top of her priority list. She customizes her monthly schedule based on our priorities and is able to quickly adjust based on our changing landscape. I highly recommend any company looking to further their brand positioning to consider working with Kurtz Consulting.”
Cory Fosco, Vice President, Sales at Telemedicine Solutions, where KCI has been their outsourced marketing manager since 2011

Rocco MorelliRocco Morelli

Sr. VP Global Sales & OEM

Ohio Medical Corp

“Debra Kurtz is a high energy, creative and a results driven person. She tackles every project with great business acumen, insight and speed. She frequently overachieves and is continually looking for ways to do things better in both her business relationships and for her clients. Debra is continually growing and with her considerable network of resources she provides limitless value to her clients.”
Rocco Morelli, Sr. VP Global Sales & OEM at Ohio Medical Corp, where KCI was their outsourced marketing manager for the wound care division for over 4 years, prior to the sale of the division

Joel EhrlichJoel Ehrlich

Application Support Manager

Relias Learning

“Debra has done wonderful work for my organization on some very high profile PR projects, including the authoring and distribution of press releases and creation of parallel marketing collateral. She brought greater depth and breadth of experience to the table than we had, and offered excellent strategic insight into our project, but was also adaptive enough to take specific direction from us and apply her skills to provide great service. The response was excellent. I highly recommend her and look forward to future projects.”
Joel Ehrlich, Application Support Manager at Relias Learning, a KCI Public Relations client

Richard WestonRichard Weston

Former President

BlueSky Medical Group

“Debra is extremely knowledgeable and very diligent in her work assignments. She executes with precision, on time and on task. We have been extremely happy with her work and the deliverables that she worked on. Her work is an extremely good value and would strongly recommend her. ”
Richard Weston, former President, BlueSky Medical Group where KCI was the marketing and PR manager for three years prior to the sale of the company

Richard E.AugspurgerRichard E.Augspurger

Human Capital Management

Consulting Services, Inc.

“Debra Kurtz is an incredibly quick study on learning a business concept, and coming up with creative ways to market it, or expand its current marketing. In addition, she is very attentive to details. I have also observed her to be extremely customer focused, and very helpful to others learning how to be more effective in project management or in consulting with firms.”

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