ROI from Digital Marketing & Social Media

Business Opportunity: The capital equipment manufacturer developed an innovation solution, and wanted to quickly break into the marketplace with its differentiated products.

Solution: Working within the limited marketing budget, Kurtz Consulting developed a marketing plan with the goal to drive sales leads and enhance awareness. We also executed the plan which consisted of: digital advertising, organic and paid SEO, social media, and public relations.

Results: Within two years, the company became the market leader, enjoying a CAGR exceeding 33%. The digital efforts generated a return of investment exceeding 412%, all trackable via the lead generation and the company’s CRM system.

Clinical Excellence Program Drives Revenues & C-Suite Engagement

Business Opportunity: The medical device manufacturer enjoyed healthy market share, but was seeking additional penetration of hospital accounts. The sales team was adept at working with clinical users, but needed buy-in of senior hospital management to sell additional products.

Solution: Kurtz Consulting recognized the device maker needed a compelling message for the hospital C-suite and developed a Clinical Excellence Program that addressed key quality measures that are impacted by the company’s products and are of top concern to hospital administrators. The Clinical Excellence Program is a:
  • Value-added service to the hospital administered through the device maker consisting of:
    • Assessment of the hospital current protocols relative to validated clinical guidelines
    • Gap analysis and recommendations for improvement
    • Training to hospital provided by device maker’s clinical specialists
  • Quality improvement initiative for the hospital, leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes
Results: The Clinical Excellence Program differentiated the device maker from the competition, leading to increased sales. Additionally, the program led to strengthened relationships among the company’s sales and clinical teams with hospital clinical users, and increased exposure of the company to senior hospital management.

Jumpstart Legacy Products While Launching New Products

Business Opportunity: The market leader in x-ray equipment realized that its market segment was maturing. In order to continually grow, they would need to expand beyond their core segments. They also recognized that their existing product lines would need to expand to support the needs of new markets.

Solution: Through interviews with key stakeholders, customers and industry experts, we identified the need to expand beyond the current x-ray systems into digital imaging. We developed the business case to pursue new digital technology, and helped the company craft the new product development strategy.

Although the primary goal project was to develop new digital technology, our research also revealed that there was still potential for the existing product line. We identified a new and growing market niche for the existing x-ray equipment, and helped the company to establish a sales channel to tap into this market.

Results: Sales of the existing product line grew over 20% and helped finance the new initiative. As a result, the company was able to launch several new digital products within 12 months.

“Debra Kurtz helped our company set a new strategic direction. At the same time, she helped our company finance this initiative through additional sales of our existing products. She is a strategic thinker who knows how to produce results.”

Joe Flies
Summit Industries

Landing new clients with word-of-mouth marketing

Business Opportunity: Leading oncology hospital found that its current method of attracting new patients was costly and providing diminishing returns.

Solution: Leverage past patients to bring in new patients by developing a referral program. We created mentoring programs for new patients and developed referral literature for past patients to distribute to prospective patients.

Results: New patients grew by 20% within the year.

Optimizing Sales Force Performance

Business Opportunity: Once-growing micro biology company with now stagnant sales.

Solutions: Established a lead generation program involving insides sales and trade shows in targeted market segments. Focused the field sales force on penetrating current accounts and closing leads. Created key accounts position for national customers.

Results: Company sales grew over 15% in year 1, and company made acquisition in one of the targeted market segments.

Early Stage Company Succeeds Against Entrenched Competition

Business Opportunity: Launch a new medical product despite competition from a large dominant player.

Solution: Kurtz Consulting developed and implemented the clinical, marketing and PR strategy, leading to over a dozen articles accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals and presentation at conferences.

Results: Grew sales by ten-fold and achieved traction in the marketplace, leading to acquisition of firm by Smith & Nephew for $111 million.

“Debra is extremely knowledgeable and very diligent in her work assignments. She executes with precision, on time and on task. We have been extremely happy with her deliverables. Her work is an extremely good value and would strongly recommend her.”

Richard Weston, President
BlueSky Medical Group Inc

New Product Conceptualization & Launch for a Consumer Durables Company

Business Opportunity: The client was the dominant player in the industry. In order to continue its growth strategy, the client wanted to branch out into another market.

Solution: Kurtz Consulting researched customer needs and identified product specifications to modify the client’s technology for the new marketplace. We then worked with internal staff to develop, launch and market the product.

Results: The resulting product launched the client into industry leadership in the new market. The client experienced double-digit sales growth, and its brand emerged as the premier name in the industry across multiple markets.

"Debra Kurtz is an incredibly quick study on learning a business concept, and coming up with creative ways to market it, or expand its current marketing. In addition, she is very attentive to details. I have also observed her to be extremely customer focused, and very helpful to others learning how to be more effective in project management or in consulting with firms."

Richard E. Augspurger
Human Capital Management Consulting Services, Inc.

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